We’d love to tell you more about our portraits, but we’d prefer to let you hear from a few of our satisfied clients.

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Beth Smith, Campobello S.C.

I came to Cindy with a very old painting of my grandfather needing her to match it and paint a portrait of my grandmother. She discovered that there was a painting underneath the picture I had given her. So I found out she was not only talented, but honest too. So with the money I saved I had her paint a family portrait. It is absolutely amazing! She made the colors pop and speak! I am also having her complete a painting of my other grandparents. I can’t wait to see the final portraits! Cindy is a very talented artist and has a beautiful style! She has earned my respect and my business!

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Greyssi Romero, Spartanburg S.C.

Cindy is a really talented photographer, She did my maternity photo shoot and most recently she took a picture of my daughter and our 2 pitbulls and I ADORE the picture!! She really captivated the personality of all of them and their great relationship. It’s a very especial keepsake for me, for when our pets are no longer with us, I’m very glad to have this portrait done. If you want any pictures done right, call Cindy don’t think about it!! She is very talented and a very nice person with a positive attitude and a passion for photography.




Jason & Tyanna Evans, Columbia S.C.


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Bill Henderson, Statesville N.C

I met Cindy last fall at a fund raiser for the new no kill shelter in Troutman and was very impressed with her portraits on display in her booth. They were so amazing in that the subjects literally looked like they could walk out of the frame.
I had lost one of 2 best friends, Lucky, in April last year and I wanted a permanent remembrance of that very special friend (calling him a dog just doesn’t sound right). I commissioned Cindy to paint a portrait of Lucky as well as my remaining best friend, Holly. When I viewed the portrait, it brought tears to my eyes, as Lucky looked so “alive”. To say I am most pleased with Cindy’s very professional work is a huge understatement!! The real pleasure is Cindy is such a kind, wonderful and beautiful lady. I highly recommend Cindy for those who want the best portrait for your furry friends or special people. Bill Henderson

Olga Osipov, Charlotte N.C.

I would like to thank C. Canty Studios for the most beautiful and unique portrait of my husband and I. It has been such a pleasure working with you and we cannot thank you enough or be pleased enough with our one of a kind portrait. We have met Cindy, the owner of C. Canty Studios, at one of the Charlotte Seen Fashion Pre-Show showcase days and after seeing her incredible work, have entered into a raffle for a portrait. The next morning we woke up to us being the winners of the raffle as announced on social media. Shortly after we were contacted by Cindy, were sent a very professional information package, scheduled a photo shoot date, and were advised on clothing styling options . Upon the arrival at the photo shoot, Cindy already had everything prepared and we were ready to shoot. It was very easy to work with her as a photographer as she was always giving posing ideas and how to stand, as well as trying some poses we would come up with. After the photoshoot, we sat down with Cindy while she pulled up our photos on a big screen and we picked out the photo to be used for the portrait. While the portrait was being made, we were updated on the progress, and when it was done, it was personally delivered to us. Me and my husband are both grateful for such an opportunity which has resulted in a unique piece of art and working with a professional. We would definitely recomend C. Canty Studios to those who are looking for a special gift, a memory to be kept forever and the uniqueness of Cindy’s work. Thank you Cindy!!


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